Lia Fallon


Lia Fallon is a New York-based chef, food stylist and restaurateur extraordinaire. Her passion for food is evident not only through a photographer’s lens, but in the most minute detail of every culinary creation. She evokes food to perform and achieve beyond ordinary expectations.

After attaining her culinary arts degree, Lia began her journey in Manhattan at The Food Network as a food stylist within the television production area. Working with masters such as Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay, she discovered a new level of appreciation for other areas outside of food styling. Over the years, her repertoire expanded to include recipe development, cooking instruction and catering. Her talent and creativity are evident whether on the page of a best-selling cookbook, at a plated event for two hundred or within her impressive portfolio.

Lia is currently the executive chef and owner of Amarelle, which serves contemporary country cuisine and is located on Long Island’s North Shore in Wading River, NY. Her newest endeavor Bistro 72 is located in Hotel Indigo East End in Riverhead, NY.

Feel the passion Lia brings to every creation and behold a true master’s mix of food and art. Absorb and stimulate your senses with the combination of sight, smell and taste within every morsel.

A delight for the eye and a euphoric tempt of the palate, Lia Fallon is pure magic.

chef • food stylist